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Modern hip replacement surgeries can help you get back to your normal activities quickly, helping you stay healthy and active. Dr. Curcione and the skilled team at his self-titled practice, Peter J. Curcione, DO perform minimally invasive hip replacement surgeries to relieve pain and improve the lives of their patients. You can book your hip replacement evaluation at their Fort Myers, Florida office by calling the office or booking online today.

Hip Replacement Q & A

Why do I need a hip replacement?

A total or partial hip replacement also called hip arthroplasty, involves replacing your hip joint with a prosthesis. You might need a hip replacement if:

  • Conservative treatments haven’t provided relief
  • Your hip pain continues to get worse
  • Your hip condition lowers your quality of life
  • You have significant hip damage, possibly from arthritis

At Peter J. Curcione, DO, Dr. Curcione and his team of experts specialize in performing hip replacements for chronic and degenerative issues. Should you require joint replacement surgery, you know you’re in the best of hands.

What happens during a hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery can usually be performed using minimally invasive measures rather than a traditional open procedure. While under general anesthesia, your provider will make several small incisions, using specialized surgical tools to cut and remove damaged bone and some of the surrounding soft tissues.

The next step involves placing a metal stem into the hollow part of your femur (thigh bone). Your provider then places a metal or ceramic ball on the stem to replace your femoral head. Then they implant a metal socket into your hip bone and reattach the muscles and connective tissues.

The final part of the hip replacement surgery involves permanently placing your new femoral head into your new socket while placing a protective plastic or ceramic spacer between them to allow gliding. After closing the incisions, you’ll relax in the recovery room while you acclimate as the anesthesia wears off.

How long is the recovery after a hip replacement?

A hip replacement surgery is a major orthopedic procedure, so you need to plan on staying in the hospital for observation for at least a couple of days. Once you return home, you can start performing passive exercises with your physical therapist, as recommended.

You should be able to return to light activities within about three to six weeks after surgery. It’s common to be able to resume many of your recreational activities within about 12-15 weeks after surgery, with full recovery taking about six to eight months.

The expert team at Peter J. Curcione, DO, will have you come in for several follow-up appointments throughout your recovery process to ensure your hip replacement is a complete success.


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