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When you can’t find relief from chronic shoulder pain due to arthritis or injury, it may be time to consider shoulder replacement surgery. At his orthopedic offices in Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres, Florida, Peter J. Curcione, DO, is highly skilled in diagnosing shoulder conditions and offers shoulder replacement surgery to help you achieve long-term relief. Find out if shoulder replacement surgery is right for you by booking an appointment online today or by calling the office nearest you. You can also visit Dr. Curcione’s clinic as a walk-in for an evaluation of your shoulder pain.

Shoulder Replacement Q & A

Why do I need shoulder replacement surgery?

There are several reasons why you may benefit from shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Curcione may recommend this type of procedure if you have chronic shoulder pain or a limited range of motion due to conditions like:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Severe joint fractures

If you have any of these conditions, Dr. Curcione initially tries conservative treatments, like medications and physical therapy, before recommending surgery. If these treatments don’t provide relief of pain or improve your mobility, he reviews your health history to ensure you can tolerate surgery and evaluates the severity of your condition before moving forward.

What can I expect during shoulder replacement surgery?

During shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Curcione uses minimally invasive techniques requiring only small incisions around the shoulder to access the joint. Using specialized surgical instruments, Dr. Curcione removes part of or all of the shoulder joint and replaces it with artificial parts that function like your natural joint.

If only a portion of your joint is damaged by disease or injury, Dr. Curcione performs a partial replacement surgery. If your entire joint is dysfunctional because of severe arthritis or injury, he may opt to remove the entire joint.

Following your procedure, Dr. Curcione may recommend a brief stay in the hospital, usually one or two days, to monitor your recovery.

How long does it take to recover from shoulder replacement surgery?

Because Dr. Curcione uses minimally invasive techniques during the procedure, you can expect to heal quickly from your surgery. These techniques also reduce your risk of bleeding and infection. After he discharges you from the hospital, Dr. Curcione provides you with detailed information to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

You may need someone to help you in the initial days of your recovery since you need rest and will have limited mobility in your shoulder. In the weeks after surgery, you’ll begin physical therapy to strengthen your muscles and improve blood circulation.

As you continue to heal, Dr. Curcione monitors your progress. Since everyone heals differently, he can recommend the right time to return to your usual routine and job.

If chronic pain from arthritis or an injury in your shoulder is affecting your quality of life, consider the many benefits of shoulder replacement surgery. You can schedule an evaluation with Dr. Curcione using the online booking system or by calling the office nearest you.